Pro-Tech employees are committed to work collaboratively with each other, our subcontractors and project partners. We always ask “what if” when seeking solutions. This inexhaustible curiosity enables us to go above and beyond in a constantly evolving industry.

Responsible sustainability is the foundation for everyone at Pro-Tech. From the first design to the project’s end every project is safe handled safely and professionally. We are committed to a collaborative team that provides innovation and solutions.

Core Values

Pro-Tech’s relationships, both internally and with our project / business partners have these fundamental, non-negotiable principles:
  • Integrity

    Our business will always be conducted in a fair and professional manner. How you act when no-one is looking is the true test of integrity. We trust each and every one of us to always act in a way that represents the company and themselves to this high standard.
  • Shared Purpose

    We work with our project / business partners by taking the long view and always acting in the best interests of all involved. By collaboratively doing what is best we develop trust and mutual respect.
  • Accountability

    By holding all employees accountable we deliver exceptional performance by setting clear expectations for quality, results and outcomes.
  • Respect

    A culture of fairness and honesty fosters an environment where everyone can expect to be treated with dignity in a fair and forthright way. Our differences make us stronger. We move mountains for our clients…literally.