People Who Build

Pro-Tech Energy Solutions is a team of passionate people who deliver excellence and world-class projects for our partners. We maintain our mission of being an industry leader by ensuring that we are always innovating and learning, pushing ourselves to work better, smarter, and safer.


  • The Start

    Pro-Tech Energy Solutions was formed in 2009, since then we have been building solar projects and creating strong industry relationships.  Our reputation for unsurpassed quality, safety and workmanship has earned us a leadership role in the industry.  As the industry continues to evolve and new technologies emerge, Pro-Tech will be leading the way to better and safer projects and communities.

  • The Present

    The Pro-Tech story started with commercial installations but quickly evolved into utility-scale projects.  Today we are building complex projects, overcoming environmental, technological, and design challenges with unique and forward-thinking solutions.

  • The Future

    The industry is constantly innovating, new technologies are available all the time.  Pro-Tech partners with the industry leaders to lead the charge into these new territories.